Semester One - Complete

My first semester at the University of Dayton is complete. Yesterday, I took the last of my six exams, meaning I am free to start Christmas Break. This first semester has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was moving my things into my dorm room and meeting my floor mates.
Before everyone leaves for break, there is a checklist that we must complete. Basically, we need to vacuum the floor and throw away any perishable food. After everything was complete, I started to pack. My mom and grandma were driving down to campus to pick me up, so I was rushing to get everything packed away. After a phone call to let me know they were here and three trips back and forth to my room, my mom, my grandma and I were on our way home.
During exam week, I slept for a total of six hours, so, needless to say, I was pretty tired. I woke up today at two-thirty in the afternoon. It was great to sleep in. Also, I woke to text messages of our new room. Because everything was clean and the mostly empty, my roommate asked if it would be okay if he rearranged our room. Not many people on our floor can rearrange their rooms because, if they did, they would be blocking their closet doors. Because we fortunately do not have that problem, I told him I though rearranging the room would be a great idea. And it was; there is a lot more room now with the room arranged the way it is.
Anyway, I am excited to start break. I have a stack of books I want to read, including the Harry Potter series. I also plan to get together with my friends who I have not seen since summer. I think it will be a great break. It is an even better break when I look back on the past semester and think about the experiences IÂ’ve had, the friends that IÂ’ve made and the challenges IÂ’ve overcome. This past semester has proved that UD truly is the right place for me.