Spring Semester

It is the second week of the spring semester and the inevitable busyness has begun. Thankfully I still have a lot of sleep from break in my reserve. I have now experienced enough class time in each course to form what I think to be an accurate opinion of my classes. I am glad to say that I like them all and find each one interesting in its own way.Before classes started, I thought I would have a hard time with my history class. Fortunately, this is not the case. I am not a history buff, yet I find the class extremely interesting. The class is titled “West and World” and the professor is extremely passionate about the material he teaches. Also, he is a younger man, so we can relate well to him. History is quickly becoming one of my favorite classes this semester. Although there is a lot of reading (we have reading assignments for each class), the text book is interesting and clear, making the reading more enjoyable. 
I am also taking philosophy this semester. Again, there is a lot of reading, but it is interesting and the professor makes sure we understand what the text is saying, as sometimes it can be difficult to interpret. This week we discussed Plato’s Apology, which I found very interesting. I have a weird attraction to rhetoric and speech writing, so I found this assignment especially intriguing. 
For Calculus II, I registered for the same professor as I had last semester. In high school, math was not exactly my forte, but my professor made it easy to understand. He is a hilarious man who uses his humor to help lighten the mood in the classroom, which I think is great. Simply put, he actually makes you want to learn math. Scary, right? 
For biology, I decided to stay with the same professor I took last semester as well. I really liked him and he’s a pretty cool professor. I also felt comfortable with his class – I knew how the tests would work, how the quizzes would be formatted, etc. It just made sense to take him again, so I was glad I got into his class for this semester.
I have a different chemistry professor this semester, but I like her a lot. There are about 80 people in the class, but she wants to know everybody’s name, which I like. She wants to make it personable, which I greatly appreciate. 
Biology lab and chemistry lab are going well too. Both of my instructors are very smart and know what they are talking about, and they want to make sure the class understands the material and the experiments, so they are always there for help. 
Overall, even though I was one of the last groups to register for classes, I still got classes that are interesting and professors who care for their students and have a passion for teaching.