Thanksgiving Surprise

Our Thanksgiving break started Tuesday after our last class. The only class I have on Tuesday is Calculus, and our professor was nice enough to cancel it for us. When I was at dinner with my uncle, he came up with the idea of surprising my mom by coming home early for break. I had told my mom that my uncle would be picking me up on Tuesday after Calculus class. We decided to leave Monday night after my Biology test. I was really excited to surprise my mom. I am the oldest child in my family and therefore the first to go to college and my leaving has been tough for her. After my Biology test, I raced to my dorm room to start packing. My uncle arrived at 7:30 and we were on the road by 8 o'clock.
We arrived in Toledo around 10:15. After making a quick stop at McDonalds, we were finally in my driveway. We had not determined how I was going to surprise my mom yet, so we sat in the car for a while thinking of creative ways to surprise her. We finally decided to just ring the doorbell. My dad, who was in on the surprise, answered the door with a big smile on his face. Even though he knew I was coming, I still looked pretty excited to see me. He told my mom that the "person" at the door wanted to see her. When she saw it was me, it took a while for her to register what was happening. She was so excited! I was glad to be home, but I was even happier that I had the opportunity to do something for my mom.
It was nice to start break early, but it was even better knowing that I made my mom happy. It was the perfect start to Thanksgiving break.