We Won!

I am proud to say that The Nerds have finally won our first volleyball game. This was a pretty big accomplishment seeing as we didnÂ’t win a single game last season. This may be because we have been getting a lot betterÂ… or because half the opposing team didnÂ’t show. But hey, a win is a win, right? Last week, we won one of the three matches, so that was a confidence boost. After the game, we all decided to head to the Galley for ice cream as a reward. This time we actually had an excuse to put our homework off for a little longer and get ice cream.
Thursday was my dadÂ’s birthday, so I called him after chemistry lab to wish him a happy birthday. I was going to be clever and call him at midnight, but, a) I didnÂ’t want him to think there was anything wrong and b) my parents and brother donÂ’t live the life of a college student, as they remind me when I call late at night. It was good to talk to him and catch up. We are both so busy that we donÂ’t talk as much as we should, so I am making an effort to call more often.
On Friday night, CAB, or Campus Activities Board, hosted “The Price is Right” in one of the Kennedy Union Ball Rooms. I had never gone to any of their events, so when my friends asked me if I wanted to check it out with them I thought it would be a good idea. Anybody who has stayed home sick from school knows how the Price is Right works. They had a student act as Bob Barker and drew names from a bowl to see who got to bid. People even played Plinko (CAB made an actual Plinko board) and Now and Then. Some of the prizes included a mini-fridge, iPods, speakers, a television, an iPad and lots of gift certificates. It was a lot of fun and my friends and I decided to go.
On Saturday, a group of friends and I went to dinner on Brown Street. We have gone to Brown Street for dinner a few times this year and each time we go to Five Guys. Predictable? Yes. But we always have fun. It is great to be able to go out to eat every once and a while. The food here at UD is great – the dining halls have even won a few awards – but it is good to get away from the usual every now and then.