Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Mechanical Engineering with a Concentration in Aerospace Engineering

Minor: English

Location on Campus: Stewart Gardens

Hometown: Puyallup, WA (45 minutes south of Seattle)

E-mail address: jacobsn2@udayton.edu

Things you’ll find in my dorm room: A huge collection of books (many of which I haven’t read yet because I’m a major impulse buyer when it comes to literature), a ton of Abraham Lincoln Memorabilia (he’s my favorite person ever), pictures of family, friends, mountains and trees (to remind me of home), posters for my favorite bands, my record player named Simon, and a lot of patterns.

Why UD?: I’ve gone to Catholic school my entire life, so a Catholic University seemed like the natural next step. UD was set apart from other Catholic universities for me because of its awesome engineering program and its extremely prevalent sense of family and community.&#160 ;

Favorite place to study: Roesch Library, 5th floor