Sunday February 28, 2016

Dayton Inspires

By Noelle Jacobs

I came to Ohio blind. I never visited UD’s campus before committing and I had never been to Ohio. No family, no friends, nothing here at all, I just decided to wing it. Of course, coming from Washington, I was completely awestruck by the lack of mountains, or hills, and tall firs. I saw corn fields and flat lands for miles and was slightly disappointed by what I had gotten myself into and what the state had to offer. The city of Dayton also seemed slightly underwhelming to me and I was really curious about what the draw of Dayton really was besides the wonderful University on the other side of the river.

Freshman year it was a little hard to explore without a car or any other means of transportation apart from the weekend shuttle to Wal-Mart. Because of this, my disappointment in my surrounding area remained. I did experience things like retreats and my Service Saturday mini-breakouts to get me off campus, but there was still something missing.

This year, my roommates all had cars last semester, and now, this semester, I have a car so it makes things much easier. Because of this I have been able to experience many other things that the area has to offer. These things include the ever-famous Bill’s Donuts, the Greene, Downtown, the Oregon District and the various parks in the area. I spent some time in the Oregon District for the first time this weekend. The Oregon District is a cute little stretch of cobblestone streets clad with curious shops full of trinkets and books. And of course, there’s the renowned “Dayton Inspires” wall painting that only a fool would pass up a photo-op with. Really, it was right up my alley and I am happy that these little nooks and crannies of the city are starting to be revealed to me.

Dayton is definitely different from other cities. Not the most extravagant, small, extremely diverse, and sometimes a little run-down, but don’t go through your time here without giving it a chance. Turns out it’s got a lot of character.


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