Sunday April 3, 2016

Easter Break Mishap

By Noelle Jacobs

I was so looking forward to Easter Break. My family had this awesome plan as a gift for my brother’s birthday/graduation. He and my dad were going to fly out to Dayton to meet me, and then we would take a road trip to DC for a few days. It was exciting for my brother who had never been to DC, for my dad who would be able to see both of us for a few days, and for me who hadn’t seen any family since Christmas break.

We were counting down the days and when the day came for me to pick them up from the airport, I was counting down the hours and the minutes until my dad texted me and told me that he and my brother’s flight from Denver, where their connection was, had been cancelled because of a blizzard. I panicked a little, but then we thought logically and decided that was okay because they could easily catch another flight later that night, right? Well, we thought so until we found out that my brother had actually been redirected to Salt Lake City because he wasn’t able to land in Denver and wouldn’t be able to for a long time. Panic set in again, but then we realized that my brother and my dad could fly separately to Dayton! Of course! And then it turned out that there were actually no flights to Dayton, but no problem, because there’s Columbus! Oh, but no, because Denver decided the blizzard was too bad to fly my dad out that day to anywhere. So once again, we thought logically, and said my brother could just fly to DC from Salt Lake, I would drive and meet him there and if my dad made it then he did, and if he didn’t then he didn’t. This was a great idea except for the fact that I was terrified to drive 8 hours by myself in a not-so-reliable car. But then another solution, my boyfriend, who lives in Maryland and whose flight I was actually supposed to drop him off for was leaving in an hour, could just cancel his flight and drive with me. It was finally working out! My brother was booked on a flight to DC, me and my boyfriend were going to drive to meet him, and my dad was trying to get there. But then, my brother missed his flight to DC because an employee insisted that he needed his ticket reissued instead of boarding his plane that was leaving soon, so I was stuck. Should I drive to DC just in case either of them get new flights there, or should I take my boyfriend to the airport where he could catch his flight? Basically, it went back and forth like this for another hour until 20 minutes before my boyfriend’s flight was taking off, my dad said to go ahead and just drive to Michael’s because him and my brother were just going to go home. So Michael cancelled his flight and we were thrown into a last minute 9 hour road trip to Maryland.

The sadness and disappointment I felt for not being able to see my dad and brother was soon overwhelmed with the nerves I had at the thought of meeting Michael’s family for the first time and spending Easter with them. It didn’t help that I had a very long drive to stew it over, but luckily, there were many laughs and other conversations that were had to distract from it. The biggest distraction of all was the fact that we somehow found ourselves in the “back country” of Pennsylvania on a road with a 13% grade, up and down and up and down a million times, for 30 miles. It was late, and it was dark, and it was creepy. There was no one around except for the people taking pictures in front of the sign for Nemacolin Resort (these were the people that told us that we were in the back country) and we were just getting weird vibes. Luckily, those hills didn’t last forever and we were on the final stretch to Michael’s home.

We didn’t arrive until 2 a.m. so I didn’t meet the family until the next day. I was nervous out of my mind, but of course it went swimmingly and the week turned out to be really amazing and fun. Since I had never been to Maryland, Michael served as my tour guide and showed me, first, around his island, and then I was able to see downtown Annapolis. We went to a cool diner and went from shop to shop until we found a pottery place where we decided to paint our own pottery. We also took a trip to the Naval Academy and went inside the chapel and just wandered around the campus which was beautiful. The whole break was full of fun little adventures like this along with a lot of basketball games and homework. Easter day was the same as everything else with the excitement and nerves of meeting new people and having fun playing games and chatting.

The break was just what I needed. I wish with all of my heart that I could have seen my brother and my dad, but I am also happy that I was able to spend time with Michael and his family while adventuring a new place. Stressful as it was, the break was still pretty amazing.

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