Saturday October 10, 2015

Fall Break

By Noelle Jacobs

Breaks at UD come at the perfect time-right when classes become overwhelming and tests start bombarding you causing slight panic and extreme stress. So naturally, we all look forward to fall break and even though it’s only two additional days off, it’s perfect in its ability to provide some much needed relaxation and stress relief.

Last year, I went home for fall break. While that was definitely a good idea because my homesickness was at its peak, it was only 3 full days since Wednesday night and all day Sunday were spent traveling. It gave me time to collect myself again and spend time with my family before returning back to school, but because it was so short and because home is so far away, I decided that this year I would stay at UD for fall break.

While I miss my family and home tons, staying here on campus has been a really good time. I have gotten to sleep in, hang out with my friends and boyfriend, get (some) school work done, go down to Brown Street for dinner, and just relax with nothing to really worry about. It has been everything a break is supposed to be and it is honestly so much fun. With two days left, I should probably get some work done before we have to go back to classes, but I’m definitely going to keep embracing the endless opportunities to nap and watch TV also.


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