Monday November 2, 2015

Halloween at UD

By Noelle Jacobs

Halloween in college is extremely anticipated. Alongside St. Patrick’s day, the excitement surrounding the fright filled day is at its peak among the student body. Halloween offers a night of fun and shenanigans while taking on a new façade. As Halloween approached, I was excited, but had no idea what I was going to do to celebrate.

I ended up finding myself at a substance-free party both Friday and Saturday night. The first party was hosted by an organization on campus called Catholic Life. Catholic Life is really awesome and puts on all sorts of events for faith practices, but also offers the substance free alternatives on big holidays. The party involved a lot of dancing, something I’m not particularly partial to, but I managed to still have fun and was glad I went. Saturday night was hosted by another organization called Club 6. Club 6 is similar to Catholic Life in that they offer a lot of substance free activities and parties. I started the night off right by covering my entire face in chocolate pudding (it even went up my nose) in a “dirt” eating competition and leading my team to 3rd place in that leg of the competition. After doing my best at removing the pudding, our team, “Marty, Marge, and All Things Large”, played numerous games of corn hole, caught marshmallows in our mouths, bobbed for apples, wrapped up a mummy, and did numerous impressions on stage in the efforts of claiming the title of “Champion.” Though we only managed to get 4th place overall, we had a blast.

While these organizations offer alternatives to the norm of going out to the student neighborhood on the weekends, they also offer an amazing opportunity to meet great people. Many of my friends are involved in these two organizations and they have always brought me joy, laughs, and a good time.

Links for more information on both organizations are below:

Catholic Life:

Club 6:

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