Wednesday December 2, 2015

Weekly Escape

By Noelle Jacobs

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I've gone to catholic school my entire life. Because of this, mass was always a part of the Catholic curriculum. From pre-k through 8th grade we went to required weekly mass. And then once I reached high school, weekly mass was optional, but there was the occasional required all-school mass thrown in there for Advent, Ash Wednesday, etc. The weird was that even though when I did go to the optional masses and enjoyed it, I still rarely decided to partake in those relaxing escapes from classes in the warm and inviting chapel at school. I don't know if it was because I was required to go to mass my entire life that I never chose to go, or if it was just because, even though I was raised Catholic, my family never went to Sunday masses. Regardless of the reason, coming to UD I realized that a part of me always wanted to make a routine out of going to mass, but I found that I was somewhat intimidated by the people that had obviously gone every weekend their entire lives, so it still took time for me to adjust and build up the courage to finally just go.
It wasn't until a few months into my freshman year here that my best friend (now boyfriend) forced me to go with him to mass. We started going weekly with a couple of girls on my floor throughout the entire year. It became part of my routine, but not in a way where I was forcing myself to go, rather, in a way where I wanted to and really enjoyed it. 
I've reflected on attending mass a lot recently especially after now going to mass every weekend in the newly renovated chapel. I've realized that I like going so much because it's a wonderful time to get away. As I've also mentioned in previous blogs, there are great stresses that come with classes, friends, and being away from home and for me, mass has served as a great time of reflection and peace. Not only am I spending quality time in prayer and reflection with my friends, but I'm also spending quality time with God, someone who is, unfortunately, often forgotten about when focusing on all of the many commitments and other time consumers. Because of this, I highly recommend using the chapel as a sort of escape. Even if you don't consider yourself a highly "religious" person, just walking in there provides on unexplainable warmth, relief and silence from everything else.

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