Sunday April 3, 2016

On Campus Job

By Noelle Jacobs

The idea of making money while taking classes is very appealing. There are so many jobs on campus for full-time students so that we can make money to pay our school expenses. Because I didn’t get a co-op for this semester, I decided to get a job on campus. I was slightly upset that I had to resort to an on-campus job instead of a full time engineering job, but I figured I may as well make some money while on-campus instead of pouting about not getting the co-op that I wanted.

I did have another on-campus job already (this blog), but it’s much more self-driven and not a huge time commitment. The job I got turned out to be extremely hard for me. The people were great, the work wasn’t bad at all, and the environment was good, I just wasn’t anticipating the toll it would take on me. I have a huge course load this semester with all technical/engineering classes. This is the first semester that I haven’t had another course that served as a “break” for me so I was already overwhelmed, but the job just added onto that. With 13 hours of work a week, it became too much. I was constantly tired and didn’t feel like I could be productive in classes on the days I worked which left me with only a few days to be productive after that. It was hard. I wasn’t expecting it to be easy, but I realized it just wasn’t for me. I never got used to the schedule and this led me to quit the job.

It wasn’t the work itself, but I realized that the nature of the job didn’t allow me to study during my hours, which some jobs do allow, and I recognized that was something I desperately needed with my course load. I have found that I am much more focused and productive after quitting and I think that it was the right decision.

I do think that working on-campus jobs is important. I have another one as well that I am very excited about, I just think it’s important to have one that fits your needs. Before getting a job, make sure you’re prepared for the amount of time it takes up and consider that along with your class schedule to make sure it’s something you can handle. If you realize that it isn’t working for you and you need to cut back on hours, definitely talk to your supervisor because they are always there to listen and help.


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