Monday November 9, 2015


By Noelle Jacobs

College is without a doubt stressful. From the moment we arrive on campus, we are immediately immersed in a hectic world of club meetings, classes, social events, study groups, and so much more. While these things can be fun and are obviously necessary, it becomes a lot to juggle with also making sure that we are getting enough sleep, rest, food, and exercise, while also ensuring that we are talking to our friends and family back home enough. And with trying to make all of these things fit into some sort of routine, comes the excess amounts of stress.

I’ve never been one to stress that much, or at least to show it. When it came to school work and a busy schedule in high school, I had a motto. The motto was, “It has to get done, so it will.” And while this sounds like a really stupid and overly-simple motto to have when it comes to dealing with stress, it worked for me. Coming into college, I tried to hold onto that motto. It has definitely helped me get through long nights of trying to wrap up a 20 page Physics Lab report and Intro to Flight portfolios, but I think it has also hindered me. In letting one stupid phrase take care of all of my stresses, I didn’t realize that I was more stressed than I ever had been.

I didn’t realize it, but the stress hit me pretty hard at the beginning of the semester. I was at 17 credits, preparing to lead a retreat, applying for co-ops and trying my best to call my family regularly. I was excited about everything, though, and because of that, didn’t realize until about two months in, that I had had a constant headache since arriving on campus. It wasn’t that severe, but it was unrelenting. I woke up with it, went to sleep with it, and woke up with it all over again, every single day. Because it had been two months with this annoying pain, I finally went to the health center and discovered that, quite simply, the headaches were caused by stress. Since I was completely fed up with the constant headache, I decided to start going to the gym, and that did wonders.

The point is, there are stresses and they are almost entirely unavoidable with the busy schedules that come with being a college student. It’s often difficult to manage the stress, but that doesn’t mean you cannot remedy it. It is extremely important to take care of yourself. Though it is hard to find time to go to the gym, 30 minutes even just twice a week is enough to sweat out the tension and it really isn’t that much time taken out of your day.


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