Sunday January 24, 2016

Transitions Don't Quit

By Noelle Jacobs

Most people say that the transition from high school into college is one of the hardest transitions we make in our lives. With homesickness, meeting new people, more challenging schedules, no parents and responsibility some do not experience before crossing the threshold into college, as first year students, most are overwhelmed. While they do not lie when discussing the transition, they seem to withhold the information that the transitions never really stop and that with every return to campus, or back to home, we are faced with yet another transition.

For me, the transition into my first year was tough. Coming from about 2,500 miles away, I was completely overwhelmed by an entirely different environment. From the dorms to the literal landscape of Ohio and from knowing everyone at my high school to not knowing anyone on campus (apart from the people I was so blessed to meet a few weeks prior at a STEM summer camp on campus), there was something new and stressful around every corner. Of course I experienced the homesickness previously mentioned along with the rigor of new classes and the wonderful task of making new friends, but eventually things got easier, as they always do. I was having a great time, doing pretty well in classes, and meeting some awesome people. Before I knew it, Christmas break was approaching quickly, and the excitement of going home was overwhelming. Little did I know that with going home for almost a month, came another transition.

After being settled in a new place, going home proves to be its own endeavor. Living out of a suitcase is kind of the norm because it’s not really worth it to unpack and you begin to get settled in other aspects again. Showering in your own shower, having dinner with our family, laying on your own couch and other things that make our houses and hometowns home become part of a routine again, just as if you never left. But that unpacked suitcase sits there and waits the entire break. Though messy because of extensive and messy diggings for that one shirt, it waits to be re-packed and hauled onto a plane to head back to school where yet another transition awaits.

And then another semester is gone and the trip back home for the summer happens and because it’s four months, you get even more settled and you unpack that suitcase, but once again, when the summer comes to an end, the suitcase(s) gets re-packed and ready to return to school. And really, those transitions never stop. They are hard every time, and yet they seem to get easier, because as time goes on, school becomes more and more like a home, and home becomes more and more cherished and important to you. Saying goodbye to your friends is hard. And saying goodbye to your family is even harder, and because of this, I’m not sure that those transitions ever really stop to and from wherever we go, but the pretty awesome thing is that we are lucky enough to call two places our home that make it so hard to leave.


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