Saturday November 9, 2013

First Basketball Game of the Season

Basketball season has begun for the Flyers! With a win over IPFW with less than 10 seconds remaining on the clock, I feel honored to have witnessed the game!

Today was the first official game for the men's basketball season, and boy, was a it an intense start. Sitting in the beloved student section, I could feel the excitement of every fan. I personally look forward to Flyer basketball season all year. It is the perfect stress reliever at the end of the fall semester. And, the perfect motivator at the start of the spring semester. I really do love basketball season. Therefore, today I will forever feel honored to have witnessed such an amazing start to a season.

All throughout the first half, the Flyers dominated and had a sizeable lead over IPFW. By the second half, though, IPFW regained energy and quickly gained a lead over us. It was back and forth, mostly with us falling behind. And it was starting to become a little bit stressful. Therefore, when it came down to the last several minutes, it became challenging to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. I know that we wanted to win so much. We all wanted to start the season with a win. And as we saw the clock ticking down and the Flyers continually losing possession, we started to doubt if we could pull through. And by the time the clock hit the 10 seconds mark, I was stress eating my popcorn with my friends.

I wanted to keep my eyes on the court, but I also wanted to look away. I was starting to stress because I wanted our men to win, but the future did not look so bright. Which is sort of like when you are writing a paper and want a good grade, but are unsure if your sources will have been strong enough. Amazingly though, our men were able to pull through. With only about one second left and the the confidence in a 3 point shot, the Flyers were able to take the win. Final score: 81-80.

The crowd roared! It was little startling, but in a good way because every single fan in Dayton area had jumped up to cheer and hug the people around them and smile and cheer some more and just rejoice.

During those last few minutes, the arena had begun to quite down. Everyone was in anticipation of what could possibly be the final result. Everytime that it looked like we would at least tie up the game, we would lose possession. But, when we made that final shot, all of that stress was released with a unanimous round of celebrations. That play will forever be in my memory and it makes me proud to call myself a Flyer.

Go Dayton Flyers! Go UD!


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