Thursday November 21, 2013

Class Schedules

As the semester is coming to an end, and classes are being scheduled for next semester, I start to get excited. The prospect of what the next semester holds gives me motivation to finish this semester with a bang. And although, registering for classes is always stressful, I have to say, I was quite pleased with the process this year.

As per usual, I picked what classes I would take. And as always, I had to reconstruct and reorder my collection of classes at least 10 more times before I actually registered. By the time it came time to register I was excited for the classes that had made it onto my final list. And one of those classes is what I am most proud of: ENG 329--Short Stories with Prof. Pici.

To some, a short stories class would be daunting. Going into the class you know that you will be doing a lot reading, which means there will be writing as well. But, to me, this class means that I can get a true taste as to what it was like for my father to be a UD student over 25 years ago. This is because when he was a student Flyer, he took this very class with Prof. Pici. When I found this little fact out, I was mightily proud of myself. I am still in a little bit of shock, to be honest, because every semester my father checks over my professor list to see if he knows any of them. And this is the first time he actually does!

So, as I gain my excitement for next semester and all of the possibilities it holds, I hope that I will enjoy my short stories class just as much as my father remembers his.  


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