Thursday June 21, 2012

Appalachia Night with Jake Ousely

So, last night I spent the evening at Appalachia Night. Some of you are probably asking, "what is Appalachia Night"? Well, Appalachia Night is an event held on campus to promote the annual summer immersion trip called UDSAP (University of Dayton's Summer Appalachia Program). Every year, students can apply for this summer-long program where they will live in community in Salyersville, KY. Here, the students will get an inside look at a completely different culture, right here in the United States. And every year, those selected students come back with memories that last a lifetime and bonds that make them a family. From what I have heard, UDSAP is one of those experiences that can never be compared. And it is always amazing to see how much those students stay a family even once they return to UD for the rest of their time here as students. 

Now, back to why I even went to Appalachia Night. I went because first: one of my best friends on campus, Emily has applied for UDSAP and is awaiting anxiously to here whether or not she will be spending her summer in KY. And second: it was a free concert featuring UD's own "The Leap Year's" and Jake Ousley from Nashville, TN. I mean, who doesn't love a free concert with friends? 

But, to be honest, I was a little bit nervous to attend this night because I had never heard of Jake Ousley and I did not know too many people attending either. But, upon arrival, I was welcomed just like usual. All UD events seem to welcome us all as if we have known each other for years, it is one of those things that makes UD so special. Plus, once the music started, everyone became even more relaxed. I think it is because as a community, we always support each other and when music is involved,none of us seem to remember who we came with. Rather, we find ourselves surrounded with people who are mutually dancing and singing along to the music. That is what is so special about music, it always brings people together.

Lastly, this night just made UDSAP seem so much more real and interesting. We could all see the true family-like bonds that all the fellow participants still had. It was heart-warming and made me start to think about next summer. Maybe I will apply for UDSAP one day, but only time will tell. So, I hope that anyone who is blessed to be selected for UDSAP has an amazing experience and I wish you all the best! 


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