Class Year: Junior

Major(s): English | Concentration: Self-Designed

Location on campus: 300 Block of Stonemill

Hometown(s): Brooklyn, NY

E-mail address: delarosafinchr1@udayton.edu

Teams: Boston Red Sox, Detroit Red Wings, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Cleveland Browns (RGIII really)
Movies: He Got Game, Do The Right Thing, The Shining, and Something Borrowed
Artists: J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Fleetwood Mac, Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, Bill Withers, Vivaldi, Chopin, Mozart, and many many more
Books: Dead Silent, Book of Lies, and Man in the High Castle

Why UD?: Growing up in NYC can be really fun but also, hectic. When I landed on UD's campus I immediately felt like this was a home away from home. Plus, the hospitality and community sealed the deal that this was the right university for me.