Friday October 7, 2016

Writing For The School Paper

My dream is to cover the NBA...

My dream is to cover the NBA, specifically the Warriors, in Bay Area for the San Francisco Chronicle. But like all dreams (especially ones that are jobs) hard work and experience is needed so that they can come to fruition. That’s part of the reason for why people go to school and pay money to get a college degree.

Even so, for a great deal of dreams, more is required.

For myself, and my fellow writers out there, writing for a school newspaper can be the ‘more’.

Flyer News, the University of Dayton’s student-run school newspaper, is an exceptional outlet for growing writers. One of our (I’m a part of the crew) major principles is to allow any writer to respectfully express their viewpoint on a relevant topic.

Plus, no writer is limited to one section of the paper. You can write an opinions piece on the Presidential debate and next week volunteer to cover the basketball game.

Distributed all across campus and available online, Flyer News covers matters concerning UD and across the nation. Besides that fact that this can be a valuable stepping-stone toward my dream, and that the people are great, I’m glad that I’m apart of the FN team.

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