Saturday October 15, 2016

PATH Point Presentations

I live in a house with air conditioning, a microwave, and a washer & dryer. To get this house, last year my roommates and I straggled every week or so to earn PATH points. A conference here, a fair there, and soon enough we had enough to get a great looking house on Stonemill Road.

It’s a new year but we once again have to replicate the process. So, a couple of days ago I went to a presentation in KU Ballroom. I arrived late but I honestly didn’t care—why? because it was Friday and the last thing I wanted to do was hear someone talk for an hour.

Usually at these presentations I sit in the back on my phone and scroll. But since I arrived late, there were no more chairs and I was forced to stand.

Standing, leaning on the wall near my roommates in middle section of the ballroom, I wasn’t comfortable enough to mindlessly scroll. Thus, I listened.

The presentation was about leadership and the qualities and traits associated with it. The presenter spoke on how leadership traits are different in different settings just like qualities differ across cultures. His points on what makes up a leader in a job setting really hit home with me as he described how one person’s definition of a quality could be different from another’s. Throughout the presentation I was nodding my head in agreement and applying his points to my real-life situations.

In short, I learned that although these presentations gain a huge audience for PATH points, the presenters do articulate helpful and important topics.

My advice, let’s spend a little less time scrolling, because that hour might just change us.


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