Monday October 24, 2016

Student Panel for Potential Freshman

This past Sunday, I participated in a student panel at Albert Emanuel Hall where a crowd of high school seniors inquired about college life at the University of Dayton.

Prior to the panel, there was an informative presentation on the transition into college and its benefits & resources. Shyra Thomas, an Admission and Financial Aid Counselor at UD, advised the students on the FAFSA and application process and deadlines, scholarships, and the great summer programs our university offers. The Assistant Dean for Student Success, Aaron Witherspoon, spoke on choosing majors and the assistance the Office of Learning Resources provides, and, in conjunction with Carlos Stewart, the Assistant Director in Student Development, the benefits the Office of Multicultural Affairs provides.

The student panel was equally as descriptive. Opening ourselves to the high schoolers with our experiences, our involvement on campus, why we came to UD, and of course, to questions, allowed them to obtain a firmer grasp on what it is like to attend here.

Hopefully, I can be apart of more opportunities like this, where I can offer any information to aid a younger person's major life decision.


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