Thursday September 15, 2016

Tutoring at Marianist Hall

This summer, after applying to boatload of on-campus jobs, I finally got hired as a tutor.  I was so excited to start working because I felt that if I could articulate my comprehension of a subject then it would prove and validate my knowledge.

My first couple of workdays were…boring, to say the least.  I tutor SCI 190 (Physics for non-majors) and work as a writing consultant for anyone who needs help with their essays.  Tests aren’t given out until almost a month and a half after syllabus week and it’s about the same for major papers. Thus, I was sitting around doing nothing.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I started understanding how great this job is. Along with tutors, there are also service attendants. These, CSAs as they are called, greet clients, sign clients in and out, distribute clients to tutors, and enter their feedback into the system.  On Tuesday, I was asked to fill in as a CSA. 

I thought this job would please me by justifying my knowledge but I believe I have found a greater pleasure. The happiness of satisfied clients has brought me joy. During my shift as a CSA, I spent a lot of time entering feedback.  I never thought that just reading how others were helped would put a smile on my face. 

It felt great to type “Thank you so much!” or “Thanks you were amazing! Now I can pass this test!” into the system.

In just an hour, or even thirty minutes, someone’s entire semester can be turned in the right direction.  I’m happy here at UD we have great learning facilities like this. And this Sunday, I have my first scheduled appointment. So, I hope I can provide the same aid as my colleagues.


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