Saturday February 25, 2017

College Kid Trying to Save a Few Bucks

I heard that college was expensive almost everywhere before I set foot on Dayton's campus. You hear parents complain about tuition on sitcoms or an older friend come back to visit and whine about ramen every night. I thought these were exaggerations, but after spending three years at a university I realized there are some nights where ramen is your hearty meal.

Whether it's because of textbooks, going out to eat on Brown Street too much, bad budgeting, or, something unexpected like, a toilet breaking (crazy, happened yesterday to my neighbors, I have no idea how) you can be short on cash every once in a while.

Luckily, there are resources that understand the troubles of a college student and offer student discounts. You can get student discounts almost everywhere, but not many people are aware of them. Sites like UNiDAYS, gathers a handful of company discounts and informs you when and how you can use them.

I use UNiDAYS all the time to buy clothing from ASOS and even got my Apple Music Subscription half off. They have other discounts as well, on food, health, fitness, and beauty. If you are in college and could use a sale here and there, I highly recommend signing up and using it.


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