Friday September 9, 2016

Unlock Some Memories

This summer I did something I haven’t done in years…walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

I know what you might be thinking, “He grew up in the Big Apple and hasn’t walked the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge in years!?” But—breaking news—people in the city, especially Brooklyn, don’t go sight seeing every day.  Plus, as busy as a lot of its inhabitants are, not everyone has the time to enjoy the vast eclectic metropolis that is New York City.

But after being stuck in my room everyday with nothing to do and having my circadian rhythm more off beat than your uncle dancing at a cookout, I decided to be cliché and go watch the sunrise in the heat.

With a much needed frappe, my headphones, and a notebook, in case this particular sunrise decided to give some inspiration, I made my way to downtown Manhattan. As I was walking up the bridge with a beautiful A Tribe Called Quest song playing in my headphones, I felt happy. I got to people watch (which is very underrated) with a magnificent view of the city.

As I was approaching the halfway point of the bridge, I noticed these headphones and locks all over the frame of the bridge.  The locks had two lovers name and a date, essentially symbolizing their unbreakable love. As I was visually inspecting them a new song came up, in this newly created playlist I made, that unfortunately brought back unwanted memories.

As many may know, there are songs that you listen to in times of hardship or with a person or place and, when ties are severed, those songs invoke those unneeded memories.  This is never fun, and Chance the Rapper’s “Interlude (That’s Love)” was the song of my morning’s demise.

With an annoyed expression, I faced the clinquant river and the view that people come from all over the world to see.  And then it hit me. 

I can change the memory for this song with an even better one.  This had happened so many times before and I just scoffed and skipped or even removed the song from my library. But that morning, I restarted the song and continued my happy stride. Laughing at people not paying attention to the bike lanes and arguing with the up-and-early cyclist. Watching a couple take, what I can only assume was, their wedding photo. It was fun.

I encourage people to do that with old songs they’ve thrown away. Those songs are great, make even better memories with them. I made a few this summer and, I look to make even more this semester with my friends at UD.


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