Friday February 10, 2017

Voicing My Opinion

As I have stated before in previous blog posts, I work for the university's student run newspaper, Flyer News. After graduating I hope to pursue a career in journalism along with, writing short stories and poems. When applying for summer internships at newspaper firms in the next few weeks, I want to be able to demonstrate that I can report and write on a multitude of topics.

Primarily, I have been a sports writer for Flyer News, so recently I have been branching out to other fields. My last article, addressed to Dr. Spina and Chief of Police Chatman, discussed the importance of safety on our campus.

While there was backlash, the article allowed for what I intended to occur: dialogue.

Subsequently, I was able to sit down with Chief Chatman and have a rewarding and functional conversation. I plan to speak and work with him to make progress on the issues I highlighted. I am thankful that at this university, I am not shunned or cast aside for voicing my opinion.

UD upholds the Marianist values it professes and allows for voices to be heard.


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