Friday September 23, 2016

Culture Fest

Every fall, Kennedy Union’s Central Mall hosts “Culture Fest,” which celebrates cultures throughout the world that are represented on campus.  A massive white tent filled the entire lawn, flags from around the world were being tossed in the wind, music was blaring, and there were so many people that the tent could barely fit us all.

 This is one of my favorite events on campus during the fall semester for many reasons.  Students and staff gathered to celebrate and experience different cultures represented on our campus every day.  There were multiple food stations serving a variety of meals, but it went quick, so I made sure to get there on time!  I had Indian rice, an entire meal of spicy Mexican food, and another serving of rice and chicken (because you can never have too much of that).  It was all incredibly delicious, but my favorite was the churro – a delectable so rare and tasty that my mouth is watering just from thinking about it.  There’s nothing like a fried circle of dough and a layer of sugar crystals on top to make your night!  Even more memorable than the churro, however, was the performances.

Throughout the night, students are invited to perform on stage.  Whether that be a club on campus or a group of audience volunteers to participate in a fun game of “What’s your weird talent?” it brings all kinds to the center and makes for one heck of a show.  Just in the time I was there, I saw the Irish Dance Club, a beat boxer, and a singer show off their talents and excite the audience like no other.  I think the reason I love this night so much, is that it brings out an incredibly fun and diverse crowd while students get to express where they came from, making our campus more of a home than it already is.


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