Saturday October 1, 2016

The Best Week of the Year

This time of the year brings many things.  The first being that you have officially run out of different combinations of pasta, pizza, and chicken dinners to make.  The second being that those first projects due an entire month away when first reading your class syllabi have now officially slapped you in the face and you can no longer fool yourself that you have plenty of time to do them.  They are due NOW.  Third, but by no means least, this past week brought the new chapters crowned winner of Greek Week!

 Greek Week is one of the most exciting weeks of the year for anyone who belongs to a sorority or fraternity.  It was a full five days dedicated to friendly competition and exciting games where sororities and fraternities faced each other to win the Greek Week title.  Each night there was a different event held for all of Greek Life, in which each chapter put their best members forward to play against one another.  There were a variety of games ranging from tug-a-war, to family feud, to who can build the best ‘shack.’  It ended with my absolute favorite event of the entire year, POTH (Puttin’ on the Hits).  POTH is a dance competition, where each chapter performs a three to five minute dance routine in front of all of Greek Life and all other students who come to show their campus support.  Most chapters practice for weeks on their POTH dance routines and this year was not any different.  

At the end of each competition, chapters are given points due to how well they did in that event.  Since I live in my sorority house, each night there was a handful of girls staring at their computers holding their breath to see what the tallied points were for each chapter.  By Thursday night, the past week’s games were all said and done with and POTH was the only thing left.   One by one chapters performed at POTH and after two hours the points were tallied and the results were in.  Thee winners of POTH were Zeta Tau Alpha and Pi Kappa Alpha!  And the winners for Greek Week were Alpha Phi and Pi Kappa Phi!  On to Greek Week 2017!


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