Friday October 7, 2016

Never Sit Still

I woke up this morning for fall break with goose bumps.  I think it was the first time, ever, I did not need to hit snooze.  I cannot explain the feeling of excitement I felt waking up for my flight home for break.

Yes, I can.

It’s a stream of confetti flowing through your blood.  A (sometimes literal) hop in your step while you pack.  The sound of drawers slamming as you rush to fill your back pack and a spark in your mind that is continuously re-lit sending adrenaline throughout your entire body.

The sense of pure thrill, joy, and excitement I get from traveling is something I cannot compare to anything else.  I picked up the “travel bug” about a year ago when I went abroad for the first time.  “What does this have to do with Dayton?” you ask.  Two words.

Study abroad. 

There are a slew of opportunities to travel abroad through Dayton or through a third party during your time at college.  Abroad opportunities can be as short as two weeks over Christmas break or an entire semester.  After a year of searching, Dayton helped me find a perfect program for me.  The university and the Education Abroad office have fully supported and helped me through this process and I am so grateful to have them by my side.

 The university provides students an incredible amount of options.  Take the leap and check them out.  Look around, have fun with it, and enjoy every step.  Whether it is a semester abroad, a summer term abroad, or a semester of service, the paths are endless and the best part?

It’s all yours.


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