Saturday October 15, 2016

A Weekend That Hit Home

After returning from fall break this past week, I reflected on the Fall Break Out trip to Salyersville, Kentucky on went on last year.  Most of the breaks (Fall, Thanksgiving, Spring and Easter) throughout the year are four days long in which the university provides many opportunities to engage in service or ‘break out’ trips.

Initially went on the trip to fill a service requirement for a class, however, I never could have imagined the perspective I gained from that experience.  Throughout the weekend, my group participated in variety of activities including going to a retirement home and playing bingo, taking the kids to a haunted house and going to mass at the local church.  However, my favorite part was visiting three families’ homes and playing with the children.

The children ranged from ages of one-year-old to nineteen years old.  Keep in mind this is a very poor town in which these children grow up typically in trailer homes taking care of each other.  The thing that shocked me the most, that despite their hard circumstances, each one of these kids had an enormous heart.  From the moment we showed up at their doorstep, to the time we left, they wanted nothing more than to play and be loved.  They had no trouble jumping all over all us and messing around, acting like we had known them for years.  We played football, ran around with their dogs, jumped on a beat up trampoline, and did endless games of tag around their homes.  I think they got a lot of enjoyment from hanging out with us, but the impact on me that they had is much bigger.

Although I went home for this past break, it does not compare to the children I met in Salyersville.  By welcoming us into their homes without blinking an eye, they left a piece of their homes in my heart that I will be forever grateful for.


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