Monday November 7, 2016

Campus Convos: Fall Frenzy

Sick of reading about only my opinion on things?  Me too!

For the Camps Convos: Fall Frenzy edition, I interviewed some of my eleven roommates who live in the Pi Beta Phi sorority house.  I asked them the following two questions:

1. What is it like to be in a sorority at UD?

2. Why do you like living in the sorority house?

Personally, being apart of Greek Life has been one of the best decisions I have made at UD so far.  I have truly made lifelong friends from this organization and gained skills and opportunities I never would have imagined.  Being in a sorority gives me an outlet to take part in service, share values with other girls, and work towards being a better leader.  

Last winter I decided to live in the house with eleven other girls.  At the time, I only knew two of the eleven girls well so I was a little nervous to see how it would turn out.  Well, three months later, I can honestly say it could not have turned out any better.  My roommates are incredibly kind, generous and supportive.  I have never been a part of a more loyal and thoughtful group of girls.  We are all involved in different clubs on campus which allows us to learn more about other parts of UD we would not otherwise know about and see all that UD has to offer.

I hope you enjoy hearing from my roommates about their experiences in Pi Phi and at the house!


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