Sunday December 4, 2016

Grab a Ladder and Hit the Lights!

Santa may be coming in 21 days, but the kids are coming in 4!

Every year, UD celebrates Christmas in a very unique way that many students cherish.

On December 8, hundreds of students from Dayton City Schools will arrive on campus, which will look nothing short of a winter wonderland.  A committee of college students spends all year working towards this special night.  Christmas on Campus is a one night event when UD students are paired with kids, around the ages of 6-8, from the Dayton City Schools.  There are a variety of holiday festivities in classrooms such as writing letters to Santa, decorating cookies, and making ice cream that the kids can go enjoy with their college buddy.  It is a campus favorite event and one that many look forward to all semester! 

As the little kids hold their breath for Santa to come, students on campus are busy decorating to show off their own excitement.  Take a look and see how the student neighborhood is transforming into a festival of lights!

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