Thursday October 20, 2016

Camp Blue

Once I decided to come to Dayton I knew I wanted to get involved right away.  How could I do that if I had only stepped foot on campus one other for my tour?  It was easy!

Believe it or not, I heard about Camp Blue through the mail (yes, that still exists).  There were constantly postcards and flyers being sent about the opportunities available to get involved before classes started.  Camp Blue caught my eye and I am so happy it did!

Camp Blue is a week long leadership camp, through the New Student Programs office, designed for first year students to build their leadership skills, get to know the Dayton area, and meet new friends.  It is held the week before New Student Orientation in August.  I never imagined how much it was going to impact me.  It truly set the tone for the next four years and gave me the confidence boost and ground work that has guided me throughout these past couple of years.

In Camp Blue 2014 there were 120 first year students divided into groups of about 17 first year students with two sophomore student counselors.  For the first three days we went to Camp Ernst where we played games, competed for team spirit awards, and enhanced our leadership skills.  Then for the next four days, we were back on campus learning all of the opportunities to do at the university and in the city of Dayton.

It was truly an incredibly rewarding experience and I highly encourage future first year students to take advantage of this or one of the many other things to do (i.e. Callings) before officially starting your next amazing four years.  I was able to meet new friends, learn my way around campus, and start college off on the right foot.


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