Sunday March 6, 2016

Atlantic 10 Champs

By Tony Narducci

What a night it was at UD Arena on March 5th. From 4PM-Midnight, campus was absolutely buzzing about the big game that was going to occur that night. Little did campus know that it was arguably the best game that UD Arena had ever seen. Everything was intense insane and mind boggling, from the opening tip to watching the final VCU shot fly over the hoop, missing the rim and net and the crowd absolutely losing it. Some of the Dayton players after the game came and tackled some of the fans, including myself! I was helping hold guard Kyle Davis from falling down with the rest of those in The Red Scare, which was a gigantic influence on the game. Little did I know the night that would unfold after waking up yesterday morning preparing to help with the March to UD Arena for the big game.

What I learned the most out of the game yesterday is that my time at UD is quickly slipping away from me. Next time I attend basketball games at UD Arena, I will be a senior and hopefully an instrumental part of the running of basketball games at the best basketball venue in the country. It was a great experience being able to watch the players cut the net down, and each one of them having the opportunity to taste that glory in cutting nets down, which I hope we will be doing in Brooklyn and in the end, hopefully in Houston Texas at the Final Four.

Becoming A-10 regular season champs gives the Dayton Flyers such a boost of morale and confidence going into the biggest stretch of the season, beating one of the best teams in the Atlantic 10 to do so. Players such as Melvin Johnson and Mo Allie-Cox played their hearts out, and Kendall Pollard and Dyshawn Pierre were both on the bench after fouling out. Other players stepped up, and we are getting ready to take on Brooklyn before going dancing, which we will be preparing to do a week from now.


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