Wednesday November 18, 2015

Dayton Beats Alabama

By Tony Narducci

What a fun day it was! Yesterday, the Dayton Men's Basketball team had a game that started at 1PM! Wow, how crazy is that. The game tipped at 1PM on a Tuesday. What fun it was. Fortunately for me, I had no classes during that time, and the one class that I did have the teacher excused me from attending so that I could attend the game! The crowd was electric. I can't really remember the last time the crowd got that loud at a basketball game in a long time. I'd have to go back to last years play-in game against Boise State, which was hosted at UD Arena. After what ultimately was the game winning three for Senior Jordan Seibert, the crowd went absolutely insane, and the madness began for the Flyers!

The game was on ESPN yesterday. Fortunate enough for me, I made appearances on television at least four times. That's crazy to think about. Along with that, me and my friend on the Red Scare Executive Board both wore referee jerseys which was really fun! Another board member shaved the Dayton logo into his chest hair. While really gross, it looked pretty cool and received media attention. That's what we are all about in Red Scare. We are about going nuts at games, doing crazy things, helping anyway we can to get a Flyers victory, and using the media to get the University a positive image of who we are as a fan base.

Alabama came into town with first year coach Avery Johnson. Avery used to coach in the NBA and used to be an analyst for ESPN. The Flyers jumped all over Alabama, beating the South Eastern Conference school by a final score of 80-48. Transfer Charles Cook led the way for the Flyers with 21 points, while red shirt freshman Steve McElvene was a beast, blocking shots and altering shots with that 6 foot 11 inch frame of his.

When I came to Dayton, I came in knowing little about the basketball tradition. As I have grown up as a student here, I have realized how much I love Dayton basketball and I will miss it terribly when I graduate from UD. The team, the fans, the coach, the friends you make at a game will never be replaced. Although I am a junior and still have another year, I feel as though this year is already special, just as I felt my freshman year Flyers and sophomore year Flyers were special. I am so excited to see what we can do this year, and GO FLYERS


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