Thursday September 17, 2015

The Dorm to House Transition

“I’ll take a Kettering wrap, please” I would always say to the dining hall assistant. Within five minutes, my food was done and I was back in my room eating. I miss those days of not having to cook anything and having a satisfying meal.

Last year, I couldn’t wait to have my own house and explore life on my own without the assistance of an RA or a dining hall. So far, I’ve learned that I was a fool. I don’t know how to cook almost anything. The last week and a half, I have lived off chicken nuggets and Easy Mac. I am not the gourmet chef I thought I would be.

When I first walked into Kennedy Union this year, it was the greatest meal I had in a long time. The food that wasn’t cheap that was finally on my plate was fantastic. The juicy chicken breast, along with a side of warm and crisp French fries just makes me hungry thinking about it.

My first year on campus, I lived in the Marycrest Dining Hall, arguably the best dining hall on campus. From the chicken bowl, to the tacos and quesadillas, to the salad bar and monster cookie, they have everything you would want from a dining hall. Unhealthy and healthy options are always available, as well as the fact that food was just four floors below where I slept.

Last year, I lived in the long building called Virginia Kettering Hall, better known on campus as VWK. The building also has a beautiful cafeteria, filled with different options. From Mongolian to Sushi to a wrap, there is an option for you! The dining hall was so close to me that I never realized how having a house can change your diet and your perspective on living.

This year, I live at 20 Woodland. Woodland is located in the North Neighborhood in the student housing system. The unhealthy options of food in this location are huge. Hot Head Burritos, Five Guys, Chipotle are all guilty pleasures that are right across the street from me. Learning to cook has been the biggest adjustment to school this year for myself personally. Really watching what you eat and trying to not have more than 1-2 guilty pleasures a week is extremely challenging.

The moral of the story is enjoy and love when others cook for you in a dining hall. Once the years go by, your life on campus will get busier and you must find that time to make that food for yourself! The days at Dayton have flown by faster than I ever thought. Remembering moving in freshman year and eating on campus for the first time seems like it was yesterday. So snag some tacos, do some homework, and have a monster cookie with your new friends while letting the good times roll!


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