Monday September 21, 2015

Family Weekend

In your life, you are born into a family that you do not choose. The caring and understanding is mutual, and you spend your childhood looking up to your family members. Upon arrival in Dayton, I did not know a single person. When I was dropped off for the first time, the anxiety and uncertainty I had for making friends was stressful. Little did I know that a new family would be created with the friendships that have been built.

This past weekend was family weekend, and I was fortunate to have my mother, father, and grandmother come and visit. We spent a lot of time shopping and exploring the city of Dayton, along with giving them a tour of campus. Being from Minnesota, they don’t know a lot about the campus and things on campus are always changing.

Every Family Weekend you can feel a strong sense of the community that is commonly talked about when you meet someone that has knowledge of or has attended UD. So many students and their parents socialized and met with other students' parents. My parents were greeted with a great welcome from my roommates and my other friends.

Although we are only a month into the school year and students are enjoying their freedom and independence from their parents, it’s always nice to see them and share experiences of college.

My family and I shared some great experiences at well-known Dayton restaurants and locations. We went to the Rusty Bucket, the Butter Café, Milano’s, Waffle House, and Max and Erma’s. Although these are common for most, none of these restaurants are in Minnesota, so it was a good change of pace for the family to try different things. The unanimous favorite was Milano’s.

Considering how much my mother and grandmother love to shop, we also went over to the Greene Mall. The Greene is about a 15 minute drive from campus and it is stuffed with restaurants, clothing stores, and miscellaneous other stores. We stayed there for a long time and it was a great time.

The last place we had to check out is the infamous Bill’s Donut Shop. It is about 20 minutes from campus and is rated as one of the best donut shops in the state of Ohio. My family loved the donuts and enjoyed spending time seeing the city of Dayton.

At Dayton, many people will say that family weekend is where “mom and dad meet the family.” This is an extremely accurate statement. When you have roommates they instantly become part of your family. You share a room/apartment/house with them and see them for about 8 months straight. When your family visits, they meet your family or your roommates. The bonds you build with the students are unique and make them part of your family.

Family weekend is special for all, even those that don’t have their parents visit. Their friend’s parents are always more than welcome to adopt you for the weekend and enjoy the time together. The family will always be there for you, and will always be welcoming of the big UD family. 


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