Thursday October 15, 2015

Fighting the Sickness

By Tony Narducci

In high school, sometimes you may stay home from school because you are sick. I was guilty of this when I was ill, as it is incredibly hard to stay focused when you’re sniffling or dealing with a funky stomach. In college, you’re given a great resource to see when you’re not feeling well. The Health Center!

The Health Center gets extremely packed at certain times of the year. In the months of November to February, many students will be at the Health Center fighting seasonal viruses, or even may have a case of the flu. I have been to the Health Center many times with my time at UD, a couple times for being sick, and one other time when I hurt my ankle.

The prescription that you get from the Health Center will be center to a nearby Walgreen’s typically. As a freshman, it can be a little difficult to find a ride to Walgreen’s, but it is within walking distance if you need to walk there. If you injure yourself, the Health Center has great recommendations for you, and they will help schedule MRI’s or whatever is needed to help you figure out what is wrong and begin to heal.

I wanted to bring this up because I have been fighting a cold for the last week and a half. Although I have not gone to the Health Center because I am starting to feel better, I had a paper and a big test this week that I still had to grind through and study for. When you get to college, it is straight reality for you. In the real world, you can’t call in and say you are sick for a common cold, since the company needs you there. You are needed in the classroom everyday ready to learn and really focused. 

The college experience is extremely fun and rewarding, but sometimes you will come across bumps in the road. Tearing some muscle tissue in my ankle last year really put to bed some things I wanted to do. It was a struggle getting to class some days, but I never missed any class because of the issue. This week, I had to spend a lot of time studying for a big test when I was feeling very ill. Although it was not fun, I got thru it and it was very nice to take a nap today to help myself feel even better with no stress on my mind. 


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