Wednesday October 21, 2015

Finding Your Niche

By Tony Narducci

To me, Dayton sports have a much stronger meaning compared to others on campus. When I moved into my dorm freshman year, I learned that all 5 men’s soccer team freshman were going to live on my floor, along with a Junior from Ghana who moved into the dorm. Little did I know then that I would have such an attachment to all Flyer sports.

The Red Scare Executive Board is the student section at all Flyers’ home sporting events. We are a group of 25 students that go to every sporting event on campus, including football, basketball (men’s and women’s), soccer (men’s and women’s) and volleyball. We start cheers, think of promotions, hand out flyers, and so on to let the student body know of the sporting events going on during the week. We also use social media a lot. Follow @red_scare on twitter, @THERED_SCARE on Instagram, and University of Dayton Red Scare on Facebook for updates on the organization and sporting events to help students.

When I realized the passion and excitement I had for the teams, I immediately applied to be on the Red Scare Executive Board for my sophomore year at UD. I received the position of Men’s Soccer Atmosphere Coordinator, which was a position that I really wanted at the time, having so many friends on the board.

This year, the teams are doing amazing in the Atlantic 10! Our football team is also undefeated, and takes on a very good school in Butler this Saturday evening. This Saturday, there are a ton of games! We have a volleyball game, a men’s soccer game and the big football game. Along with that, our men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams will play their annual Red vs. Blue games, where the men’s team and women’s team each have separate scrimmages. The event is open to the public.

With the amount of games and more than 20 people on the Executive Board, we split ourselves up between men’s soccer and football to ensure the teams have the most support that we can possibly give them. The teams definitely deserve all the support that they receive from the students at the campus, knowing how much training and effort they put in to make the team to the best of their abilities.

As the title says, when you get to campus you may have a difficulty finding your niche initially. It is tough coming from a high school organization all the way to a college and finding your organization. For our organization, someone is in charge of making sure that we are in the budget for the amount of money we can spend on promotions and such to help get students to the games. In high school, typically an adult supervisor does all of that for you.

When you arrive at UD, keep your eyes open and that right organization or club will fall right into your lap, and you will be set to go!


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