Monday February 15, 2016

Five Reasons you Get Homesick

By Tony Narducci

I flew back to campus this semester on December 30th because I missed being at my house on campus and because I felt a need to be back here for the basketball games. The team needed me you know! The rankings came out today and we are a top 15 team in the country. To say that it is an exciting time on campus is a big understatement. With only a couple home games remaining, it's crazy to think March Maddness is right around the corner! What an exciting time March always is on campus. With that, lately I have felt really homesick. So I thought why? Why am I homesick with all of this excitement going on? After thinking for a couple of hours, I think I made my top 5 list of reasons why I am homesick right now.

1) You miss having some space

On campus, you don't always get space to really think and have time to reflect, not counting attending mass at the Chapel. From your roommates being annoying from time to time or just tired of 15 minute walks to get to where you want to go, to just wanting to lay in bed a couple extra hours without people yelling or hitting on your door to wake up, you want some space gosh darn it! You deserve it, we are almost a month and a half into the semester. What else would you want to do besides just sleep for a while and have time to reflect on your thoughts.

2) You just want a home cooked meal

This is 100% me. Right now, I have a couple boxes of pasta left for food and that is it. I don't have any breakfast sandwiches and I ran out of cereal last night while I was watching the NBA All-Star game. So, the struggle for the next week and a couple of days is underway. I have been craving just my mom making some grilled chicken and a salad or something like that. I don't have much time to cook while on campus right now, because I have overloaded my schedule this semester and I am never home! But yes, please give me that warm home cooked meal so that I can not feel like a junk food magnet every day.

3) You would like to maybe see your family?

I do my best to call my family at every opportunity I can. The last time we talked was on Thursday night for about a half an hour. I try to call them and talk every once and a while, but with them all working and me being so busy with school work and other responsibilities it does not happen as much as I wish it would. Talking over the phone isn't the same, as well. I like attending some mass with my family, having a home cooked meal, going and snagging a bite to eat, and just talking about life and other opportunities I am working on for the summer, and maybe they will slip you a little money to help you along the way until they get to see you next.

4) You want to see what is new with home

Every time I have went home from school, something has changed. Either a new bank was built, a new store was built, a street was newly paved, a new housing development is coming up, or my parents did something with the house that was different from the last time I was home. It's always nice to see something different or unique to surprise you on your visit. 

5) You are fried 

UD is somewhere I love and that I call home, but everyone gets fried and just needs a break. Waking up for an 8AM class daily isn't my ideal lifestyle. 10AM is what I want! But when you are fried out and really tired of just doing a lot of work all the way around,you need somewhere to refuel. When your brain needs somewhere to refuel, it instantly thinks of being on a couch doing nothing but watching TV or reading a good book. For me, I know I will have a lot of homework to do over break, and an interview to prepare for when I arrive back to campus. But all in all, home is your place to energize for another couple months.

Well, at least now I know there is a reason why I am homesick and exhausted. I miss all these things or need them to get me back to my ways. But until that February 24th flight, I need to keep my head down and push towards a great end of the semester. 


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