Monday October 31, 2016

I Don't Understand This

By Tony Narducci

We all aren’t perfect at every subject when it comes to college. Sure, in high school you may excel at everything but once you hit college some classes become harder, with more work involved, and you have more responsibilities. But for most folks like me, we’re not total geniuses and I struggled a bit academically my first year. The one thing that really saved me in my hardest course was tutoring. Many people find going to tutoring shows that they are either weak or aren’t smart. This isn’t true at all, and I can promise you that. A lot of extremely smart people that I’m friends with go to tutoring, and they find it very beneficial, such as I did.

               Tutoring on campus is open Monday-Thursday in the Marianist library. They have all sorts of courses available for you to attend. From Biology to Mathematics, they have everything covered for you to succeed. In my case, I really struggled with Microeconomics, and always had a hard time with the homework. I was fortunate enough to be matched with a tutor that actually really, really cared about my ability to succeed. Even though it took out of his own time to work on his homework, we often met during the day and even on weekends before big tests to ensure I at least did okay in the course. I pulled off a C, which was way better than what I started off the course with, and I can thank that all to the tutoring.

               Struggling in class is nothing to be embarrassed about. Sometimes, professors will urge students to go to tutoring and on occurrence will reward them for going with a couple of extra credit points. So, go see a tutor, make a new friend, and figure out what you’ve been struggling with in your respective class!


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