Monday April 4, 2016

Internship Struggles

By Tony Narducci

The last month has been one to really try to push into the back of my mind. It is extremely stressful being a junior around this time of the year. All juniors have there eyes wide and excited to fill the Daytona Beach the second week of May, while my mind has been consistently pursuing internships since January. I've had countless interviews and applied for many internships. Unfortunately, nothing has come together for me. Through all of these struggles I have realized a couple of things. The first is that I am more driven than I ever thought I was to grow and develop as a professional in the sports industry. I make countless phone calls and send countless emails daily to try to grow and develop. The second is that the University of Dayton students and staff has been so supportive in my pursuit of finding the right fit of an internship and has pushed me in more ways than I can count.

It all starts with my advisor who always is nagging on me and telling me of different opportunities in the industry that I can take advantage of. I unfortunately have found nothing that has really worked for me. I also have multiple professors that have been ok with me missing classes in order to have phone interviews, Skype interviews, and fly out to potential suitors to interview in person with them. The support and interest even professors have in my development as a professional has been astonishing to me. A lot of my friends back home that go to bigger universities and even smaller universities that have professors that are furious if they miss a course for any reason. Developing as a professional in the sports industry is a really big deal, especially given that the industry is arguably the hardest to get into, and the starting salary is normally well below the average of a high school graduate going into any other field.

Although I don't use it, I do know of people who used the career services office in order to help them sharpen up their interview skills, or help them find leads to jobs and internships during their junior and senior years at UD. If you use the correct resources on campus, whether that be professors, friends, classmates, or the career services center, you will be set in interviewing, resumes, cover letters, and even in what to wear when you walk into an interview. Many of my friends at other schools don't get that opportunity, or don't take advantage of it like many students on campus do.

An internship has not been offered to me that I have accepted... yet, but I chose the right university to give me a chance and push me to find the internship that is best suited for Tony, and not one that I will walk away learning nothing from.


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