Tuesday November 3, 2015

Life is Hectic!

By Tony Narducci

It gets hectic, I tell ya!

Sometimes I wonder if I put too much on my plate this semester. The past couple weeks have been crazy! Last night, I was talking to a friend from home and we discussed how much work I do a week with school and my jobs. The math is scary, considering I am also a full time student who likes to ensure his weekends are full of spending time with my friends!

I work a total of five jobs. I write for these outstanding blogs, I am a referee at the University Rec Plex for Competitive Sports, I intern in downtown Dayton at the Dayton Convention and Visitors Bureau, I write for another website and am a major contributor on the Red Scare Executive Board on campus.

I also take five classes this semester, 4 having to do with my major. Sadly, I didn't quite finish all my blogs on time for this week, which put me behind so look for a second blog from me this week (I know you're all as excited as I am!). So, how do you deal with these hectic weeks? I'll fill you in with a couple of pointers to get you thru these tough weeks.

1)Always make sure that you have everything written down you need to get done. Some people use planners, some people use their hand, some people use a calendar, some people type up a week to week plan of what needs to be done. For me, I type things up. I type up an assignment, the priority of the assignment, and when it is due. For me personally, this really helps me when I have tests coming up. For example, I have already made a study guide for a test I have next Monday. Without me typing this into my notes last week, I may have forgotten and been in trouble on Sunday when I realized I had a test the next day.

2)When you work on campus, make sure you plan your hours with stressful school weeks. My week this week isn't too bad, so I have a heavy work schedule. I work 4 days this week, but next week I only have 2 days of work at the Rec Plex.

3)Do NOT procrastinate. Procrastinating in high school worked fine and got me thru it. If you procrastinate in college, you will find yourself extremely stressed out and having to stay up until 3 and 4 in the morning. This isn't saying these nights won't happen because of a paper or test, but try your best to make them not happen. Trust me, these nights aren't fun.

4)If you need help, don't shy away from it. For a good amount of classes, tutoring is available in Marianist. If it is not, use your professors office hours to seek help. Make sure that you're prepared with questions for the professor, and make sure you try not to do this a day before a test.

Well, there you have it. Points like these help me push thru the rough days and rough weeks. The key is to stay organized with a planner, calendar, etc. that you need to get through the week. Hectic weeks will happen, but you need to ensure that you are organized to make the weeks a little better!


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