Sunday April 30, 2017

My Final Words

By Tony Narducci

It’s crazy to believe that this is my last post for MyLife Student bloggers. It’s been a fantastic two years being able to give advice, share experiences, and express my feelings of this beautiful campus. I first would like to thank the Admissions Department for giving me the opportunity to blog for them. I especially want to thank Cody McMillen for the initial opportunity to blog for the site. He has always been there if I had any issues with the site and questions. He responded to me in a timely manner and has been nothing but respectful of my time, especially with senior year being in pursuit of post graduate job opportunities.

I came to the University of Dayton blind. What I mean by this is that I didn’t know anyone that was going here from home. Many from Minnesota didn’t even know where UD was when I told them I was coming here. But, after visiting I felt as though it was the right decision. Boy was I right.

My freshman year brought almost no homesickness that I expected to have. It was full of laughs, interesting moments, long nights, and the building of friendships with every person on my Marycrest wing. We became brothers that year, and I keep in contact with almost every member of that wing since then. I still live with two of those guys now, and have lived with each 3 years out of my entire college experience.

As the years went along, I never believed it was going to end. About 2 weeks ago I started reminiscing about everything that has occurred; the good and the bad. What I remembered was that UD actually wait listed me, as they were waiting to see my first semester senior year grades before making a final decision. When the acceptance letter came, I told my mother immediately that I wanted to visit and go to UD. I for some reason believed this was the right fit for me. So I want to thank you, UD, for giving me the chance to grow and develop into something I knew I was, and that I would positively impact this community and have a GPA slightly below 3.5, almost an entire full number higher than my high school GPA.

Upon graduation, I will be moving to Scottsdale, Arizona to work for Yelp as an Account Executive starting in July. UD gave me the resources, the guts, and the work-ethic to make this happen for me. I couldn’t be more excited for the next phase of my life, but UD will always be my first “home away from home.”

One last time, thank you UD for giving me the opportunity to receive an education here and for an experience of a life time. Go Flyers!

Tony Narducci

University of Dayton Class of 2017


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