Friday October 14, 2016

One Last Registration

By Tony Narducci

I remember sitting at home trying to figure out how to pick out classes for my first semester at UD. Jump forward and I’m now getting set to register for my final time at the University of Dayton. I can’t believe it’s here, and I actually get to take a class that I want to take that has nothing to do with my major or minor. This is really exciting to have the opportunity, as most students don’t.

               Registration works a bit different at UD then other schools. Some schools there is a brawl of students trying to get into a small area to sign up for classes, but Dayton uses an online format. The website is called Isidore, which becomes a regularly visited website by students once you begin studying at UD. On Isidore, it will list courses in which the University is offering for that semester. It will include times, professor, location, and days of the week the class meets. Scheduling is very stressful at the beginning of your tenure at UD, but you figure out what you’re doing pretty quickly, as in your introduction to the University course teaches you how to do all of this. I remember in mine there was a teacher assistant that taught us how to use the site.

               Fast forward to right now, I have 10 credits left to take. Most classes on campus are 3 credit courses, except for labs and mini courses which are typically 1 credit classes. Others are 4 credit classes, which are longer labs throughout the week. So, with my classes for the upcoming semester, I have some decisions to make. Once I make those decisions, then the real fun starts.

               Once you know what you want to take, you go and chat with your advisor about what you want to take. After discussing with them, they’ll give you a code to enter once your registration is live. You’ll also be able to find what exact date and time your registration will open, and you’ll be able to plan that time for your registration.


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