Tuesday November 15, 2016

One Last Tour

By Tony Narducci

The last two years, my family has flown down to spend time with their lone college kid left during family weekend. This year was no different, and they flew down to spend time with me again. It was great, since I hadn’t seen my parents much since the beginning of August. It’s funny, when your parents come and visit you over family weekend, there are it seems like the same 20 questions you get when your parents call you on the phone. How many classes are you taking? Where are your classes? How are your roommates? How many do you have again? How are your grades? And the rest that you get every phone call. It gets a bit different when your parents are here though, because they want to go to the restaurants that you go to all the time. The one good thing is that they pay! That was great. We ate at Milano’s, which is my father’s favorite restaurant. We could talk and have much more solid conversations about school and life that is easier to talk about compared to talking over text or on the phone.

               When your parents come down for family weekend, it’s really special. I told my parents not to come down freshman year because I didn’t know what to expect. Since then, I regret that decision. You’re able to bond with your roommate’s parents and your own parents, along with being able to relax a bit. We were fortunate to have all my roommates' parents down for the weekend, and we had a grill out in our front yard. Just being able to be with your parents, enjoy the weekend, and relax with them is incredibly special.

               Overall, family weekend is incredibly special and unique here at UD. Showing your parents what you do at UD is so much fun, and is one of the many things that makes UD special.


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