Wednesday March 16, 2016

Preparing to March.... Thru March!

By Tony Narducci

Well, the craziest week to be a student at the University of Dayton is officially here. Welcome to March Madness! The Dayton Flyers are (hopefully) prepared to shock the world again this year. I have been fortunate to watch this group make it to not one, not two, but three NCAA men's basketball tournaments! It's crazy how you can walk around campus and everyone will be buzzing with excitement about the tournament, comparing brackets to see who will (probably not) take home Warren Buffet's $1 million for LIFE challenge on In order to win, you must correctly guess every single game in the NCAA tournament. What are the odds of that, you ask? 1-in-9.2 quintillion. Who figured out this crazy math? Cornell University professor John Pike crunched the numbers and that is what he came up with, according to Science Daily. No wonder Mr. Buffet is willing to put that kind of money on the line if you can perfectly guess the bracket.

Well, the Dayton Flyers are hoping that there will be no perfect brackets this year after they bust and burn everyone's bracket. The Flyers will open the NCAA tournament against Syracuse University, based out of New York. It is a school who was questioned as to how they received a bid for the tournament, but can give Dayton trouble with the 2-3 zone they play. Syracuse went 19-13 and finished 9th in the ACC. The team had big wins over schools such as Duke, Notre Dame, and Texas A and M. The Flyers beat Syracuse in order to advance to the Sweet 16 in 2014.

If/When Dayton defeats Syracuse, they will most likely play Big Ten Champion Michigan State. The Spartans are picked the most often to win the NCAA tournament in brackets, along with the Kansas Jayhawks. The Flyers will hope to burn up a lot of brackets by upsetting Michigan State as long as they can finish off Syracuse.

Campus is absolutely buzzing right now about this game. It's all that people are talking about. College basketball was something that I really had no passion about before attending UD. Dayton basketball has turned into something that I am obsessed with, almost to the point that it is unhealthy. Being on the Red Scare executive board doesn't help with my obsession, but hey you have to cheer on the Flyers no matter what, right!?

With that being said, Go Flyers! Beat Syracuse. Until next time.


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