Wednesday November 4, 2015

Prepping for Basketball Season

By Tony Narducci

An Elite 8 run and a round of 32 run. Wow. How excited am I for basketball season to start up again, you ask? I CAN’T WAIT! The Flyers return most of last year’s squad, outside of Jordan Sibert who graduated last year. Sibert played in the summer league for the Orlando Magic before signing with the Erie BayHawks of the NBA Development League.

You can feel the excitement on campus about the upcoming season. Many freshman are wondering how to get vouchers, while upperclassmen will show up super early to get great seats in the arena. I’ve been excited for the season for much longer than most, as two of my three roommates are managers on the team, and have been prepping and working to prepare for the season. It’s crazy to think that the last time the team played, the game was in Columbus and it was a heartbreaking loss to an Oklahoma team I honestly felt that we were better than.

As for me, you’ll see me in the front row of just about every game in different costumes. Although most of the costumes are for surprise, one costume you’ll definitely see me in is my penguin suit! The costume made an appearance last year, and I was fortunate enough to make it onto ESPN. We are also fortunate enough to have three guys painted in blue for each home game who pump up the crowd and are a staple of what the University of Dayton is all about. They are extremely nice guys who reach out to the fans for pictures and create a community in the crowd. Plus, who can forget the flight attendants and the pilot that will fly us to the occasion of every game!

The basketball team is one of the first things I fell in love with when I decided to come to the University. The excitement in the crowd and the enthusiasm from everyone in the arena is what makes so proud to be a Flyer. No matter if the team is extremely successful or really struggling, it always seems as though those in the crowd are enjoying themselves and going bananas from tip off to the final buzzer at the end of the second half.

Every person that goes to Dayton has something that made them fall in love with the school. For some it is the campus, for others the academics, and for others it is the athletics. For me, it is no doubt athletics. I do everything in my power to not miss any sporting event. Baseball and Softball are hard to attend, but I do my best to attend everything else. That being said, I have only missed a couple men’s basketball games since I arrived to campus, went to the Elite 8 game in Memphis, Tennessee and also attended the round of 32 game in Columbus last year.

I’ll be talking about basketball so much more in my blogs but for now, GO FLYERS! 


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