Wednesday November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Break

By Tony Narducci

When I look back on this past week at home, there are some important things that I realized during the break. Being 4 states away, a 11-hour drive, and a 1.5-hour flight, it’s amazing how much that you miss out on when you’re far away at school. Although you may miss birthdays, family barbeques, church festivals, and your little cousin’s basketball game, what I realized the most was how cherished times with family are the further you live away. Going to school far from home is something that I’ve realized is more of a blessing than it is a curse.

               Living far away brings your moments with family to be a lot more special than if you live close to home. By no means am I saying it’s bad to live close to home, but the college experience that you get may be a bit different. When I go home, my grandma and aunts and the rest of my extended family is in my face and showing gratitude for me being involved in their life that I hadn’t been shown when I lived near them in high school. They are always so curious about my college life, that common holiday family get together question if I’m dating anyone, what I’m doing after college, and even current events that are going on in the world. These are moments that help you realize the importance of working hard at school, considering the great family support system that you have back at home. It’s inspiring.

               People always ask me “is it hard to be far away from your family?” And I say that yes, occasionally, I get home sick, especially when I miss those family events. But, UD has gave me a “family away from home.” So, I guess every day is Thanksgiving Day here at UD. I’m thankful for my family on campus, my peers, roommates, professors, and all those that make UD feel like a fantastic home away from home. 


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