Tuesday September 13, 2016

The Dreaded Freshman Fifteen

By Tony Narducci

Over the past several weeks, I’ve noticed that I have been really tired, struggling to stay awake in class, and not being as productive as I should be when I do my homework at a set time. Why was this happening? What was the issue?

I looked back at maybe some different things that I’ve struggled to do the past couple of weeks. Was I getting enough sleep? Yes, I definitely was. Not having classes on Tuesday’s or Thursdays was helping me with that. Not spending enough time with my friends or not talking to my parents enough? This wasn’t true either, since I live with all of my close friends and I call my parents one to two times a week. So, what was the problem?

After a couple hours of thinking, I figured it out. I really hadn’t been eating enough food as I should, or the right food that I should. I was having only two meals a day and I really wasn’t drinking enough water. I was also eating some food that isn’t the healthiest to eat. Since I don’t have a car on campus, I typically eat in the University dining halls. Everyone says that the “Freshman Fifteen” is real, and I can confirm to you that this is true. My freshman year I went through it, and over the past couple years of eating at the dining halls I can promise you that there is a ton of healthy options.

After realization that I was headed down an unhealthy eating habit again, I stopped the other day at each dining hall to check up on what food was healthy and what I could only treat myself to every week or two. There were so many good options, including the salad bar at Marycrest, the Heart Healthy Turkey Sandwich from both the Brown Street Bistro and VWK, a ton of grilled chicken wraps over at the Emporium in Marianist, and a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grilled foods over at Kennedy Union. I was blown away that it took me all the way until I was a senior to notice all this great food on campus that is also incredibly healthy.

With this being said, the past week or so I’ve been working on only eating these foods from the dining halls listed above. I’ve also been running 3-4 miles a week to keep my body more active so I don’t fly back over to freshman year and deal with the dreaded college “freshman fifteen” again. It’s annoying and you don’t even notice it happening until it is too late.

University dining has so many hidden healthy gems, can I find them all before May? Who knows! 


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