Monday February 6, 2017

The Last Flight

By Tony Narducci

Flying into Dayton for the last time a couple of weeks ago was tough for me. First it was tough to see my mom cry (always is when I leave home), but realizing the next time I was home that I’d officially be a University of Dayton alumni was tough for me to really grasp. It hurt me, and as I snagged a coffee after going through security a ton was circling through my mind. The past almost 4 years of my life have been spent at the University of Dayton. This is somewhere that has become home for me, and it’s so weird to realize that soon it’ll be a former home and I’ll be heading somewhere else. Yikes.

I’ve developed some of the best friendships anyone could develop here at UD. The person I know the most and spend arguably the most time with is my roommate from freshman year. Not many people can say that they’re closest with their freshman year roommate. This is true for a lot of people on campus too, not just us. The other person I spend the most time with was my neighbor my freshman year in the Marycrest dorm. Us three all met the first day and we’ve hung out the most together. Again, we’re not the only group of friends to have this happen. It’s pretty mind-blowing how people grow and develop relationships on campus.

At the end of my freshman year, I decided to apply for the Red Scare Executive Board. I realized very quickly that it was my kind of group and the right people to spend time with. Some of my best friends on that have graduated, but I am still close to them today.

What I’m trying to get at is that the University of Dayton is here for you and gives you the opportunity to find these people. The first time I walked on this campus I felt as though everyone here was my people. I would do anything for anyone on this campus. We all want to see each other succeed, even those that you may not know as well. The people here make it home, not the Chicken Bowl from Marycrest or the beautiful sunsets. I will miss the people at UD more than anything.

As February has rolled around, I’ve been busy with figuring out my post grad plans. Even with this, I’ve been doing everything I can to spend time with everyone I possibly know. I’m enjoying every second of the plane ride before we land on May 8th.


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