Friday October 9, 2015

The Much Needed Break

By Tony Narducci

Fall Break is always an exciting time for students. They are

exhausted. When you reach the midterm of the semester, many students will have tests in the three days prior to going home, so they always feel relieved and ready to relax when they leave campus. For me, I decided to stay on campus this year and relax. The experience of being on campus when no one else is here is extremely strange. You walk around campus, and just about no one is around you. The feeling is empty, but it's a great way to reflect on your life and how the school year has been going so far, which is something that I have found myself doing many times.

If you do decide to go home, we have a ride board pinned up in Kennedy Union, which is nice for students that don't have a car or their parents would prefer not to have to drive all the way to Dayton to pick up their student. This way is also nice because you make a new friend on the way back to your city! Unfortunately for me, I am one of a handful of students from Minnesota, so their was never a ride posted on the board for Minnesota. This always put me at the Dayton Airport.

The James Cox International Airport is the main airport in Dayton. Students like myself that live pretty far from campus typically will travel home for some breaks. The breaks I always head home for are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Breaks are a significant time for me as a student. It gives me plenty of time to get my head relaxed, and enjoy some free time from going to class.

As many freshman are probably learning now, school isn't easy and breaks or days off are crucial to the mind. You need time with family and friends that has nothing to do with learning or classes. Take advantage of breaks, you only get so many days and so many of them during the year! 


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